Prince Charming


Off-Season $200/dose $300/dose • guaranteed settle
No overrun


3/4 sib to Judgement Day @PBG
Same mother as: Grand Overall Gilt Indiana State Fair 2021, Reserve Grand Barrow National Western 2022, Grand Overall Barrow Utah State Fair 2021, 4th Overall Barrow Utah State Fair and California Youth Expo 2021, & Big Brother @Beaman

Mother was $32,000 baby pig purchase from Bobell @PT 2019

-It’s taken months of phone calls and negotiations, he’s the one we had to have no matter how long the wait
-Looks like a generator of livestock that will move the needle and grab the first pen at the big shows the second they hit the ring. That initial impression of chest width, height of shoulder and square shape is absolutely impressive
-Truly proportional…Length of hip + length of front end= length of body
-For just as crazy as this one is built from the side he may truly be the most opened up underneath of any we’ve layed in and can still handle it so comfortably off of both ends of his framework
-Bulky bodied with a big, square back, stout hip, and great big forearm
-Bred to win big shows, this one’s pedigree is littered with big banners at the Major’s and livestock that have sold for lots of money. From day 1 Prince has been a standout and we’d expect his generating ability to be as high as anything here

All semen is guaranteed settle up to 30 days from semen purchase date. Semen will be replaced at the sellers expense minus shipping and packing. Guaranteed settle is only valid after the purchase of 2 doses is paid for in full.

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