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Ear Notch: 9-4 • Registration #177046004 • STRESS NEGATIVE

Mate Brother was Champion Spot and 3rd Overall Barrow at Team Purebred CPS 2021 & Reserve Spot Barrow at The Recovery 2021 • 3/4 Sib to Welch's high point Spot Barrow Oklahoma Points 2021 • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow Team Purebred Southwest Regional 2021 • 5th Overall Barrow Team Purebred Mid South Regional 2021 • Same Mother as 3rd Overall Spot Gilt Indiana State Fair 2019. Mother has also raised Class Winners at Fort Worth, San Antonio, & Denver

* No doubt the most unique Spot boar to ever step foot in Twelve Mile
* One of our first purchases of the year and this things been a gangster since the day he landed
* Power in the blood, this things pedigree is stacked with banners and purple ribbons
* Huge chest with a big forearm and unbelievably unique square shape and turn to his upper cage
* The freakiest looking one we’ve dropped in since Double or Nothing in a way more opened up package
* Watch the video and study this hogs natural presence, looseness of build, levelness of hip, and naturally wide foundation
* The one that’s reignited a fire around here to get back after winning spot shows again



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Brian, Isaak and Ethan Beaman

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